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Cornerstone Community Center

How can we create a sense of community in our neighborhoods?


Cornerstone Community Center

A nonprofit initiative for improving the uptown neighborhood


This proposal was part of a project called Action Uptown by Action Housing Inc., a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide affordable housing with an environmental focus and community outreachAction Uptown asked fourth year Carnegie Mellon architecture students to create proposals that meet these criteria. 

My team took this opportunity to propose a community center, named Cornerstone Outlook, that would create a sense of community for the neighborhood of Uptown.

We published our proposal, which can be found here


The chosen site for Cornerstone Outlook is the Corinthian Baptist Church at a corner off of Forbes Avenue and Seneca Street. Although the church is rarely used and has been neglected in the recent years, its presence is still relatively prominent in the surrounding neighborhood. The property line of the church encompasses two lots. 

The larger main lot includes the church building and the lawn. The other lot is used as housing for the pastor, but it is in disrepair. The central location of the Church in the Uptown neighborhood is an ideal place to provide social amenities, such as fitness club and childcare, for the residents of Uptown.


The re-purposing strategies:

Preserve as much of the existing structures as possible.
• Introduce an outdoor community space.
• Reconfigure the Church and its access by opening up the east facade.
Retrofit the live/work housing on the west lot.
• Contract live/work participants who will maintain and organize events for the community center.