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Discover what to eat at your new favorite restaurants.



Dish discovery companion


Project:  Design an app that facilitates the decision making process of deciding what to eat by allowing the user to quickly access photos and reviews of menu items. 
My Role:  UX  |  Prototyping




People have difficulty deciding what to eat at restaurants. Existing services make it easier to make an educated decision on where to eat at thanks to crowd-sourced reviews and ratings.

However, these services have limitations in the next steps of decision-making, such as:

  • Which dish should you order once you sit down at your chosen restaurant?
  • What do you order at a restaurant with a menu that is unfamiliar to you (language or culture) and does not contain photos?

These users want insights into the menu to help them make an informed decision on which dish to try.




Let’s state the obvious: the app stores are saturated with crowd-sourced restaurant review applications. So why propose another review app related to food?

Review services like Yelp, Zomato (formerly Urbanspoon) and Foursquare are great for discovering places. These apps play an integral role in representing the web presence of venues. However, these reviews are holistic evaluations which include factors like customer service, environment and mood. Specificities of the individual food dishes are lost in a sea of these holistic reviews and unorganized galleries. 

Although Yelp or Foursquare may help you decide where to go, they aren't as helpful during the next step of decision-making, choosing what to order

That's where Chomp comes in. Chomp intentionally ignores holistic reviews and focuses on the menu and food––the reason why we go to restaurants in the first place. 



Introducing:  Chomp


Finding your Restaurant 

With Chomp you can quickly find your restaurant––whether you are searching for a new place to try or are already sitting in one. 

Upon opening the app, the nearest restaurants are listed based on your GPS location. This is useful for scanning the venues in your area, but more importantly, it's great for quickly accessing the menu of the restaurant you are already at. 




Selecting from the Menu

Chomp takes the guess work out of ordering––you no longer have to imagine what your food looks like based on ambiguous descriptions, foreign dishes with their native names, or unhelpful list of ingredients.

The crowd-sourced menu provides a simple like-vs-dislike overview of each item on the menu while highlighting the restaurant's signature or trending dishes. 


Considering the Details

On the page of a particular dish, you are provided a comprehensive insight––what the dish is composed of and what it looks like. 

You can browse all the photos people have taken of this particular dish as well as see what others have written about it. These reviews can be sorted by different groups of reviewers: popular (helpful reviews), experts (opinions of foodies) and friends (your social network).